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Volume 11, 10 Issues, 2014

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Current Alzheimer Research

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Prof. Debomoy K. Lahiri
Department of Psychiatry Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN

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"Current Alzheimer Research is a great source of the most relevant and timely research in the field of AD research."

Rudolph E. Tanzi
Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School, USA

Current Alzheimer Research, Volume 11 - Number 3

Myelin Injury and Degraded Myelin Vesicles in Alzheimer’s Disease; Pp: 232 - 238
Xinhua Zhan, Glen C. Jickling, Bradley P. Ander, Dazhi Liu, Boryana Stamova, Christopher Cox, Lee-Way Jin, Charles DeCarli and Frank R. Sharp
DOI: 10.2174/1567205011666140131120922
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Amygdalar Atrophy in Early Alzheimer’s Disease; Pp: 239 - 252
Yanica Klein-Koerkamp, Rolf A. Heckemann, Kylee T. Ramdeen, Olivier Moreaud, Sandrine Keignart, Alexandre Krainik, Alexander Hammers, Monica Baciu, Pascal Hot and for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
DOI: 10.2174/1567205011666140131123653
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Rivastigmine for Refractory REM Behavior Disorder in Mild Cognitive Impairment; Pp: 267 - 273
Valerio Brunetti, Anna Losurdo, Elisa Testani, Leonardo Lapenta, Paolo Mariotti, Camillo Marra, Paolo Maria Rossini and Giacomo Della Marca
DOI: 10.2174/1567205011666140302195648
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Default Mode, Executive Function, and Language Functional Connectivity Networks are Compromised in Mild Alzheimer´s Disease; Pp: 274 - 282
Marina Weiler, Aya Fukuda, Lilian H.P. Massabki, Tatila M. Lopes, Alexandre R. Franco, Benito P. Damasceno, Fernando Cendes and Marcio L.F. Balthazar
DOI: 10.2174/1567205011666140131114716
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The Genetic Variation of ARRB2 is Associated with Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease in Han Chinese
T Jiang, J-T Yu, Y-L Wang, H-F Wang, W Zhang, N Hu, L Tan, L Sun, M-S Tan, X-C Zhu and L Tan
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Advances in High-Field Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Alzheimer’s Disease
N Zhang, X Song, R Bartha, S Beyea, R D’Arcy, Y Zhang and K Rockwood
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Accumulation of Intraneuronal Amyloid-β is Common in Normal Brain
JA Blair, SL Siedlak, JA Wolfram, A Nunomura, RJ Castellani, S Ferreira, WL Klein, Y Wang, G Casadesus, MA Smith, G Perry, X Zhu and H Lee
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Does Semantic Memory Impairment in Amnestic MCI with Hippocampal Atrophy Conform to a Distinctive Pattern of Progression?
D Quaranta, M Gabriella Vita, P Spinelli, E Scaricamazza, D Castelli, G Lacidogna, C Piccininni, PM Rossini, G Gainotti and C Marra
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Change in Body Mass Index Before and After Alzheimer’s Disease Onset
Y Gu, N Scarmeas, S Cosentino, J Brandt, M Albert, D Blacker, B Dubois and Y Stern
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The Prediction of Response to Galantamine Treatment in Patients with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease
Takashi Ohnishi, Yojiro Sakiyama, Yuichi Okuri, Yuji Kimura, Nami Sugiyama, Takayuki Saito, Masayoshi Takahashi and Takumi Kobayashi
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CSF Ubiquitin as a Specific Biomarker in Alzheimer's Disease
RJ Kandimalla, R Anand, R Veeramanikandan, WY Wani, S Prabhakar, VK Grover, N Bharadwaj, K Jain and KD Gill
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A Review of the Effects of Hypoxia, Sleep Deprivation and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on EEG activity in Humans: Challenges for Drug Discovery for Alzheimer’s Disease
C Babiloni, C Del Percio, R Lizio, F Infarinato, A Auffret, D Bartres- Faz, D Sophie, M Bentivoglio, O Blin, JC Richardson and PM Rossini
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Platelet Tau Protein as a Potential Peripheral Biomarker in Alzheimer’s disease: An Explorative Study
Mukaetova-Ladinska EB, Abdell-All Z, Andrade J, da Silva JA, Boksha I, Burbaeva G, Kalaria RJ and O' Brien JT
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