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Volume 14, 14 Issues, 2014

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Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry

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Chemical Glycan Conjugation Controls the Biodistribution and Kinetics of Proteins in Live Animals
A. Ogura, A. Kurbangalieva and K. Tanaka
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Development and Structural Modifications of Cholinesterase Reactivators against Chemical Warfare Agents in Last Decade: A Review
Rahul Sharma, Bhanushree Gupta, Namrata Singh, J. R. Acharya, Kamil Musilek, Kamil Kuca and Kallol Kumar Ghosh
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Gas1 is a Pleiotropic Regulator of Cellular Functions: from Embryonic Development to Molecular Actions in Cancer Gene Therapy
José Segovia and Natanael Zarco
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Structural and Bioactive Properties of 3-O-Methylfunicone
Rosario Nicoletti, Monica Scognamiglio and Antonio Fiorentino
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A Mini Review on Biological Activities of Pyridazinone Derivatives as Antiulcer, Antisecretory, Antihistamine and Particularly against Histamine H3R
Mohammad Asif
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An Overview of the Pharmacological Properties and Potential Applications of Natural Monoterpenes
Agata Kozioł, Agnieszka Stryjewska, Tadeusz Librowski, Kinga Sałat, Magdalena Gaweł, Andrzej Moniczewski and Stanisław Lochyński
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Non-adenosine Nucleoside Inosine, Guanosine and Uridine as Promising Antiepileptic Drugs: a Summary of Current Literature
Zsolt Kovács, Katalin A. Kékesi, Gábor Juhász, János Barna, László Héja, Renáta Lakatos and Árpád Dobolyi
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The GABA A Receptor Subunits Heterologously Expressed in Xenopus Oocytes
Jafri Malin Abdullah and Jingli Zhang
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Anti-Cancer Targeting Telomerase Inhibitors: β-Rubromycin and Oleic Acid
Yoshiyuki Mizushina, Toshifumi Takeuchi, Fumio Sugawara and Hiromi Yoshida
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