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Electrochemical Measurement of Antidiabetic Potential of Medicinal Plants Using Screen-Printed Carbon Nanotubes Electrode
M. Mohiuddin, D. Arbain, A. K. M. Shafiqul Islam, M. Rahman, M. S. Ahmad and M. N. Ahmad
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Deternmination of Tigecycline by Quantum Dots/Gold Nanoparticles-Based Fluorescent and Colorimetric Sensing System
Baoyu Ge, Zhigang Li, Yuanzhe Xie, Lingling Yang, Ruiyong Wang and Junbiao Chang
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Quantitative Nanomechanical Properties of the Cuticle of the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle using the Modulus Mapping Technique
Jiyu Sun, Wei Wu, Weiliang Xue, Riaz Akhtar, Lei Ren and Jin Tong
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Fabrication of Silicon Nanowires Array Using E-beam Lithography Integrated with Microfluidic Channel for pH Sensing
M. Nuzaihan M.N, U. Hashim, A. Rahim Ruslinda, M.K. Md Arshad and M.H.A. Baharin
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The Catalytic Properties of Pd Nanoparticles Modified by Phosphorus in Liquid-Phase Hydrogenation of O-Chloronitrobenzene
Fedor Karlovich Schmidt, Lyudmila Borisovna Belykh, Nikita Igorevich Skripov, Tatyana Petrovna Stepanova, Vladlen Vladimirovich Akimov and Vladimir Lvovich
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Fabrication of a Novel Fe3O4/BiOCl Nanocomposite as Magnetic Visible Light Photocatalytic Materials
Jingyi Bai, Rongfang Zhao and Guowang Diao
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Synthesis of Mo-Doped ZnWO4 Nanoparticles with Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties
Yang Rong Yao, Rong Bin Huang, Huan Zhou, Wan Zhen Huang, Yong Zhang and Xu Chun Song
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Room Temperature Ammonia Gas sensing Properties of Biosynthesized Tin Oxide Nanoparticle Thin Films
Ketan P. Gattu, Kalyani Ghule, Anil A. Kashale, R. S. Mane, Ramphal Sharma, D. M. Phase, S. H. Han and Anil Vithal Ghule
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Structure and Properties of Chitosan-Silver Nanoparticles Nanocomposites
Evgen Prokhorov
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Advanced Micro-Nano-Bio Systems for Future Targeted Therapies
Leonardo Ricotti, Andrea Cafarelli, Veronica Iacovacci, Lorenzo Vannozzi and Arianna Menciassi
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Preparation of Doughnut-Like Nanocomposite Colloidal Crystal Particles with Enhanced Light Diffraction using Drying Self-Assembly Method
Bing Yu, Hailin Cong, Hua Yuan, Xuesong Liu, Qiaohong Peng, Xiulan Zhang, Xiaodan Xu, Chao Tian, Ruixia Yang and Shujing Yang
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Ni Doped CuO Nanoparticles: Structural and Optical Characterizations
Sawsan Al-Amri, M. Shahnawaze Ansari, Saqib Rafique, Musab Aldhahri, Sawsan Rahimuddin, Ameer Azam and Adnan Memic
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Effect of Morphology of Co3O4 for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Water Electrolysis
Qi-Zhi Xu, Yu-Zhi Su, Hao Wu, Hui Cheng, Yun-Ping Guo, Nan Li and Zhao-Qing Liu
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Novel Iron-oxide Catalyzed CNT Formation on Semiconductor Silicon Nanowire
Tijjani Adam and U. Hashim
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Novel In-House Fabrication of Nano Lab-On-Chip Devices
Tijjani Adam, U. Hashim, Th. S. Dhahi, Pei Ling Leow and Pei Song Chee
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The Hyper-Wiener Index of One-pentagonal Carbon Nanocone
M. R. Darafsheh, M. H. Khalifeh and H. Jolany
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Stress Relaxation Testing of Non-Small Lung Cancer Cells Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Ya Li, Jinghe Wang, Wenjie Zhai, Yu Li and Shen Dong
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