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Volume 12, 3 Issues, 2017

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Current Drug Safety

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Articles Ahead of Print

A Case of Capecitabine-induced Hyperammonemia in a Patient with Colon Cancer

Wentong Fang, Yuanyuan Fu and Jifu Wei

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Sodium Valproate-induced Bilateral Pitting Pedal Edema – A Case Report

Radhika Panchal, Dharamveer Chaudhary and Ashish Anovadiya

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Variability in Threshold for Medication Error Reporting Between Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Families

Patricia Keefer, Kelley Kidwell, Candace Lengyel, Kavita Warrier and Deborah Wagner

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Detection of Poor Quality Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT) Medicines Marketed in Benin Using Simple and Advanced Analytical Techniques

Achille Yemoa, Védaste Habyalimana, Jérémie K. Mbinze, Victoria Crickboom, Benjamin Muhigirwa, Agnès Ngoya, Pierre-Yves Sacré, Fernand Gbaguidi, Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq, Philippe Hubert and Roland D. Marini

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Adverse Drug Reactions in Critical Care Settings: A Systematic Review

Joshua Lisha , Velu Annalakshmi , Jose Maria and Devi Padmini

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A Case of Pantoprazole Anaphylaxis with Cross Reactivity to All Proton Pump Inhibitors: Finding a Safe Alternative

Özlem Türedi, Zeynep Çelebi Sözener, Reşat Kendirlinan and Sevim Bavbek

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Adverse Drug Reactions Related to Drug Administration in Hospitalized Patients

Luca Gallelli, Antonio Siniscalchi, Caterina Palleria, Laura Mumoli, Orietta Staltari, Aida Squillace, Francesca Maida, Emilio Russo , Santo Gratteri and Giovambattista De Sarro

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Hallucinations Associated with Topiramate Therapy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Shelby L. Register, Orlando L. Ruano, Deborah L. Sanchez, Glenn Catalano and Maria C. Catalano

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Cephalosporins Associated Pseudomembraneous Colitis in an Elderly Male Patient - A Case Report

Prashant Maheshbhai Parmar, Vipul V Solanki, Manish J Barvaliya, Bhavesh Chavada and C. B. Tripathi

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Infection and Malignancy Risk in Patients Treated with TNF Inhibitors for Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases

Rui Pereira, Raquel Faria, Paula Lago and Tiago Torres

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Intermittent Transient Motor Aphasia Associated with Acute Lithium Toxicity: A Case Report and Brief Review

S Madhusoodanan, Varudhini Reddy and Sonya Mohan

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Fibrinous Anterior Uveitis Following Topical Tetracaine Abuse

Olga E Makri, Panagiotis Plotas, Foteini Tsapardoni, Ilias Georgalas and Constantinos D Georgakopoulos

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A Case Report of Antitubercular Drugs Induced Exanthematous Reaction Complicated by Acute Onset Levofloxacin Induced Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN)

Khushboo Gajjar, Hiren Hirapara, Chandra S. Jaiswal, Manish Barvaliya, Hita Shah and C.B. Tripathi

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Generalized Intense Pruritus During Canagliflozin Treatment: Is it an Adverse Drug Reaction?

Piero Vasapollo, Erika Cione, Filippo Luciani and Luca Gallelli

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