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Volume 22, 38 Issues, 2015

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Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Authors' Comments

"Publishing with Bentham in my experience has always been a great pleasure; I never had problems or unnecessary delays, and regarding the points raised by the Referee's .Even if they required a lot of changes, it always led to an improvement in the manuscript quality; thus, a special thanks for the referee's work and quality.

I would also like to appreciate the Editor of the journal, as he was able to select competent people for this crucial task.

Additionally, it is always a pleasure to read articles published in Current Medicinal Chemistry; owing to their quality and the up-to-date topics .Current Medicinal Chemistry is one of the few journals that I check every month. In particular, my last submission is of interest for both pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.”"

Dr. L. Costantino
Has contributed: Challenges in the Design of Clinically Useful Brain-targeted Drug Nanocarriers
"I Working with Bentham Science Publishers has been a great experience. I found rare professional qualities together with great flexibility and cooperative attitude in all theemployees of Bentham Science Publishers."

Dr. Sandra Moreno
Has contributed: Neuroprotective Properties of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha (PPARα) and its Lipid Ligands
"“It is an honor to work with Bentham Science Publishers; one of the most famous publishers in the fields of pharmacology and biotechnology. I am looking forward to making more valuable contributions to it in near future”."

Dr. B. Wang
Has contributed:
"“Current Medicinal Chemistry” is a very informative and invaluable journal. I have been reading this journal for many years. I have benefitted a lot from it, and strongly recommend this journal to all the researchers in the medicinal chemistry field."

Dr. Peng Zhan
Has contributed:
"I am very much satisfied with the management of Bentham Science Publishers. Their email query response time as well as the processing time of manuscript is excellent. I am quite satisfied with the quality of reviews, and I wish them the very best for future."

Prof. Dr. Harald Mangge
Has contributed:
"Our article was published in the special issue, “Chemistry and Biology of Antioxidants” of Current Medicinal Chemistry at Bentham Science Publishers. Our experiences with the Manager Graphics Ms. Naila Rafique and Senior Manager Publications Ms. Beenish Anwer were very positive. Both of them were not only professional, effective and helpful but also quite pleasant to work with."

Dr. Iva Bousova
Has contributed:
"In the last three years I published three reviews about neural networks and the resulting pharmacotherapy in diseases such as generalized epilepsy, major depression in two Bentham Science Publishers’ journals: Current Medicinal Chemistry and Current Drug Therapy. The reviews reached a large diffusion and were quoted several times in other scientific works. Through this activity, I was also able to assist for the second time actively at the International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy in Dubai.

I am very satisfied with the cooperation from Bentham Service Publishers, and I would like to mention the excellent communication and the technical assistance in the publication of my article. I will go on working to examine neural networks in neurological and psychiatric diseases in order to optimize a multimodal pharmacotherapy."

Dr. Felix-Martin Werner
Has contributed:
"It is a pleasure for me inform you that our contributions in Bentham Science Publications have been highly satisfactory. You are always availabe to solve problems, your instructions are clear and concise and your answers are always quite quick.

I hope we can continue collaborating in the future."

Dr. L Martín-Banderas
Has contributed: Nanostructures for Drug Delivery to the Brain
"We are at the fourth experience in publishing with Bentham Science Publishers. Judging by the high number of citations reached for each of our papers previously published with Bentham, I am very happy about our reciprocal collaboration. I appreciate the kindness and availability of your staff during all steps in the publication process.

Thank you once again for your work and efforts. Looking forward for future opportunities."

Dr . Monica Montagnani
Has contributed: Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes: Lessons from Animal Models
"Current Medicinal Chemistry is good at promoting the journal to researchers by sending invitation emails and this is how I was attracted to submit our research. I also like the fast turnover of peer review as the process often take too long. CMC is a high impact and efficient journal and I am happy to consider it as a first choice for our natural product research in the future."

Dr. George.Q Li
Has contributed: The Protective Effects of Natural Products on Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown

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