Surface Modified Nanoparticulate Carrier Constructs for Oral Mucosal Vaccine Delivery

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Volume 11, 6 Issues, 2014

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Surface Modified Nanoparticulate Carrier Constructs for Oral Mucosal Vaccine Delivery

Author(s): Neeraj Mishra, Devendra Singh, Sandeep Sharma and Ashish Baldi

Affiliation: S.F. College of Pharmacy Ghal Kalan, Ferozpur G.T. Road Moga, 142001, Punjab, India.


Mucosal administration of vaccines is one of the most popular approaches to induce desired immunity against various types of antigen and microbial in central as well as the peripheral blood and in most external mucosal surfaces. The oral route is preferred choice over parenteral route for the purpose mainly due to ease of administration and therefore possibility of covering large population for mass immunization. Different strategies of mucosal vaccination aimed to prevent starting phase (colony formation and infection by pathogens) and block its development. But a major concern with these vaccines is the degradation of protein components in stomach due to physiological conditions and gastric enzymes. Therefore surface modified nanoparticles offer a better and stable alternative for efficient delivery and better activation of required immune responses. Natural and synthetic polymers are used to prepare nanoparticulate carrier systems for development of oral mucosal vaccines. Amongst these, biodegradable polymers based nano-particulate carriers have been explored extensively for the development of delivery systems. Present review summarizes possible approaches and mechanisms for systemic immunization by oral vaccines and critically discusses various polymers used, different strategies of surface modification to achieve the targeting of antigen loaded nanoparticulate carrier at cellular level, essentially required for a successful mucosal vaccination approach, and future prospects of nanoparticulate system as adjutants in oral mucosal vaccination

Keywords: Biodegradable polymers, lectins, mucosal immunization, nanocarriers, nanoparticles, oral vaccines

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Volume: 11
First Page: 1
Last Page: 15
Page Count: 15
DOI: 10.2174/1567201811666140709112040

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