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Endorsements from Nobel Laureates

"Current Medicinal Chemistry is a leading journal in the field of medicinal chemistry where cutting edge reviews in hot topic areas are regularly published. It provides scientists in the field with comprehensive review articles written by experts and eminent researchers in the field and allows them to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field. The journal is highly recommended to all scientists in the field of medicinal chemistry".

Ferid Murad
University of Texas Medical School-Houston Texas, U.S.A

Journals Impacting Science

Current Gene Therapy

Impact Factor: 5.318
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.322

Current Drug Metabolism

Impact Factor: 4.405
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.508

Bentham Press Release -- NEWS

Bentham Science Launches “Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship”:

News release date: April 21, 2014

Bentham Science Publishers is proud to announce the launch of a new journal, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship in April 2014. The inaugural journal issue is available online for free access via:

Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship publishes definite review articles including case histories covering a broad range of topics that underline the business of biomedical and research, specifically translating basic scientific discoveries into commercial opportunities. The journal is available in both electronic and print editions.

For more details on this new journal, visit the website: Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship.

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