From the Board Member's Desk

In the occasion of the launch of the second issue of BenSciĀ  2012 I would like taking this opportunity to emphasize the current international impact of this newsletter on academia, industry and various experts in the fields of drug discovery, drug targeting and related biotechnologies.

BenSci reflects very well the high quality of BenthamĀ  Science Journals in the world which cover all fields of medicine. On these grounds , BenSci does represent a great source of recent advances in pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences as well as in molecular mechanisms of diseases and their treatment.

I wish BenSci and the new Editor Ambreen Wasim a great success.

Prof. Emilio Jirillo
Board Member, BenSCi

The success of Bentham Science Publications in a crowded and growing science publication platform is testimony to the innovation of a model that builds on the strength of individual scientists and utilizes the best of technology. It is a great milestone to see the second issue of BenSci 2012 and to support these noble efforts.

Prof. George Perry, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
College of Sciences
University of Texas at San Antonio
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