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1- Journal’s Scope:

Pharmaceutical Crops is an open access peer-reviewed journal that provides the most complete and reliable source of information on the current development in pharmaceutical crops research.  The term pharmaceutical crops refers to the crops that are used for extraction or preparation of therapeutic substances such as active pharmaceutical ingredients or vaccines. 

Editor-in-Chief’s Profile
Shiyou Li is Research Professor and the founding director of National Center for Pharmaceutical Crops at Stephen F. Austin State University, USA. He is author of 4 books and 68 articles, discoverer of 9 new plant taxa, and inventor of several patents.  He has developed 5 cultivars of pharmaceutical crops, and led his team to isolate over 100 new compounds from plants. 

2- Journal’s Scope:

Current Physical Chemistry
is a peer-reviewed journal concerned with new and important developments in physical chemistry and allied disciplines. Subjects covered include theoretical and experimental aspects of: surface science; colloids and interfaces; thermodynamics; spectroscopy; molecular structure; solid state chemistry; catalysis; kinetics; physical chemistry of biological systems. The journal is an essential reference  for every scientist who wishes to be kept informed and up-to-date with the latest and most important developments in the field of physical chemistry.

Editor-in-Chief’s Profile
Ernesto Paparazzo
is a Senior Scientist at the Istituto di Struttura della Materia, CNR, Rome, Italy. The author of more than 100 articles which appeared in refereed international journals, his research activity is mainly concerned with experimental studies (XPS, synchrotron radiation photoemission, scanning auger microscopy and EEELS) of materials. (Personal webpage: www.ism.cnr.it/english/staff/paparazzoe.php)

3- Journal’s Scope:

Current Psychopharmacology publishes peer-reviewed, expert review articles and single topic guest edited issues on all aspects of pre-clinical and clinical research in psychopharmacology. The journal aims to be the leading forum for expert review articles in the field.

Editor-in-Chief’s Profile
Silvio Bellino
has graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin in the academic year 1990/91. His research has focused mainly on the characterization psychopathological and clinical and pharmacotherapy of anxiety disorders, disorders obsessive compulsive disorder, mood disorders and BPD personality, on brief psychotherapy and combined therapy of disorders depressive, typing on clinical and neuropsychological assessment of schizophrenic patients, consultation-liaison psychiatry in particularly on the psychiatric evaluation of patients undergoing intervention surgery. From January, he is responsible for the Personality Disorders Service of SCU.


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