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Dr. Christian Corda
Scientific Director
Associazione Scientifica Galileo Galilei via Pier Cironi 16 59100 - Prato, Italy

The Editor in Chief of “The Open Astronomy Journal (", Dr. Christian Corda, has won an Honorable Mention Prize at the Gravity Research Foundation - 2009 Awards for Essays on Gravitation. 

The Prize has been given to his research paper "Interferometric detection of gravitational waves: the definitive test for General Relativity".

It is well know that such a competition is, perhaps, the Annual World's most important competition in the research fields concerning gravitation and cosmology, thus Bentham Science Publishers gives their congratulations to Dr. Corda for his achievement.

The Official Authentic link to the news is
Another important link is the International Archive were a pre-print copy of the Awarded paper has been put, it is

Congratulations Dr. Christian Corda!

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