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e-Book Launch-Open Invitation

Bentham Science has gained a longstanding international reputation for its excellent standards and top quality scientific publications. Please visit the following Web sites for a complete list of more than 300 print and online journals and e-Books published by BSP: www.benthamscience.com, www.benthamscience.com/open and www.benthamscience.com/ebooks

Many journals have received high impact factors in their respective fields.

The publishers are now undertaking a new exciting publication venture by launching a number of e-Books and e-Book series (books are published exclusively online), in various disciplines from 2009 onwards.


Bentham Science has introduced two new innovative publishing concepts in e-Book publishing to allow authors and editors a greater choice. The first being the choice given to authors to have their chapter/e-Book published as open access (free-to-view) for unlimited free online viewing. The second is the choice given to introduction of the have so-called “Super Express
e-Book Program”, which allows authors/editors of e-Books to choose to publish individual finalized chapters without waiting for all chapters to be submitted; thus considerably accelerating publication.

Would you be interested in being the Editor of an e-Book or e-Books series, please send us your proposals by E-mail at ebooks@benthamscience.org
For further information see www.benthamscience.com/ebooks

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